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Sealed With Magic

In traditional candle magick black candles are used for protection purposes and to banish negativity. These pieces are hand dripped with real candle wax to be sealed with magic and to enchant your home for years to come!

Care Info

Though I craft my pieces specially to be durable and last throughout time, there are a few precautions you should take into consideration when bringing an art piece home with real candle wax involved! 

- You can dust your piece as you would any other (and it's recommended), just be gentle around the wax and a "fluff" duster is recommended over rubbing a cloth on it.

- Do not "pick" at the wax, though it is sealed and fairly durable with enough force it will chip. This can be repaired but it's a bit of a hassle! These pieces of art are made to be admired over grabbed.

- In extremes the wax is temperature sensitive, particularly to heat obviously. Be cautious of hanging your art in any direct bright sunlight or directly near any heat registers. It takes A LOT to get the wax to act up, however these are good precautions to follow!

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